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Yum Yum….





Windshield Molding

Re-painted and re-installed the windshield molding. Going to tackle the rear on Saturday.


Car is filthy and needs a wash. Maybe Sunday….

New Molding

Today I spent hours in the blistering sun freshening up the ride. The outcome was NIGHT and DAY. First I replaced the old cowl:



Painted the wiper arms and put brand new wipers on.



Next the entire door and quarter molding got taped off and painted:


Installed brand new fresh inner and outer belt moldings and roof rail moldings the difference is incredible !

Here is a before (sweet bird poop):


And after:


Fresh door handles:


And that’s it for now ! The car desperately needs tires and front wheel bearings … tomorrow the wheel bearings will be tackled and next weekend I’ll get some tires.

Little Progress …

The day I picked up the car from paint it would not stay running … unless you held the key forward. It used to run funny sometimes … miss when you hit a bump … windows would not roll down unless the key was pushed forward. I went and got a new ignition switch … took apart the covers on the steering column to find:


The switch was loose ! One of the clips was broken and not holding.Image

SWEET. Runs like a dream now … Starts first shot no problem every time.


Nice !


Finally got the car painted! Moldings and mirrors and not installed yet:



To do list:

Paint and install mirrors and trim,

Install body side molding

Install new ignition switch …. car wont run unless key is held forward -_-

Install antenna,

Buy new tires,

Lower it 1″,

Fix slight exhaust leak at x pipe,

Buy a radio and wire it !

So much to do -_-!!


This is the car at its latest stage, I installed the fanshroud I scored off craigslist for 5 bucks and a new fan, old one was cracked and wobbled. I vacuumed the interior to see in what shape it is in and I am happy with it. With nothing wiped down it looks GREAT. Few odds and ends need fixing, radio bezel, shifter bezel needs replacing. Ashtray needs to be fixed, and a few door panel clips are broken.

ImageIn the engine bay some things need to be addressed, battery needs to go in the trunk, wiper motor needs to be wired, oil drain plug is leaking.


Exterior is a MESS. I took the side moldings off and I’m not putting them back, like the cleaner look. All molding and weatherstrip needs change. Car needs minimal body work, bottom of door has a tiny rust spot, some tiny dings here and there, gonna address it all next week get it ready for paint. Decided on Semi Gloss Black with 03 Gloss Black Cobra Wheels. Gonna look beautiful with blue/black Interior.


Well, since November there was no updates…. work was crazy, i lost some motivation on the way and wanted to sell the car but it’s made some progress and I am ready to take a few steps forward. Image

I managed to get a hood off of craigslist… just a test fit.

ImageThe cracked bumper was replaced with this mess, note it is not completely attached at this point and hood is not bolted on. This was how the car sat as of February. Running but looking ROUGH.