Monthly Archives: May 2013

Little Progress …

The day I picked up the car from paint it would not stay running … unless you held the key forward. It used to run funny sometimes … miss when you hit a bump … windows would not roll down unless the key was pushed forward. I went and got a new ignition switch … took apart the covers on the steering column to find:


The switch was loose ! One of the clips was broken and not holding.Image

SWEET. Runs like a dream now … Starts first shot no problem every time.


Nice !



Finally got the car painted! Moldings and mirrors and not installed yet:



To do list:

Paint and install mirrors and trim,

Install body side molding

Install new ignition switch …. car wont run unless key is held forward -_-

Install antenna,

Buy new tires,

Lower it 1″,

Fix slight exhaust leak at x pipe,

Buy a radio and wire it !

So much to do -_-!!