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10/31/2012 – Tuckin

Made some progress since last post. I removed the cracked radiator and the battery tray to get ready to install a new rad and relocate the battery to the trunk. Deleted some emissions crap and realized the car needs a wire tuck. So I started on that. Time consuming to say the least but it’s moving along. Car needs the motor pulled and engine bay cleaned/painted something SERIOUS. (this weekend?) Anyways here are some snapshots as she sits now.





Getting there…

10/28/2012 – One Two!

Installed new starter, plugs and connected the exhaust. Turned it on and idled like complete shit. 4 Gallons of fresh fuel and SHES ALLLIIVEEE!

10/27/2012 – Day 1



Day 1: Does not run, paint sucks. Garbage.